It can’t be your way or the highway all the time. The week ahead speaks of learning to compromise, concede a touch , and most significantly hear what’s being said. In negotiations and meetings, play the observer before you express yourself. A nagging health condition may have a second opinion or alternative therapy to hurry up healing. Money matters require patience and a versatile approach




Long-term plans take centre stage as you reorganise and restructure your life. Better time management will cause efficiency. Paperwork and bureaucratic procedure may take longer than anticipated, so prepare yourself for sudden delays and detours. relations may act stubborn or refuse to ascertain your perspective. For now, you’ll just need to accompany the flow. an honest period begins for college kids and people watching higher studies overseas. Luck is in your favour, just add the diligence and it’s a winning combo




All your diligence begins to point out results. Your diet, your exercise and every one the late nights get noticed. Socialising brings acclaim and a special sense of happiness. But quite people , how are you feeling about it? Time to require stock and make the required changes. Financial or legal advice could also be required. an honest period begins for launching new enterprises, finalising marriages and even the announcement of pregnancies. Even within the dark moments, your optimism will get you thru and encourage others.




If you’re feeling caught up by the chores and responsibilities, the cards urge you to line boundaries and delegate. You can’t do everything yourself and a touch help could also be required. be careful for the buildup of stress which can show up as poor sleep patterns or irritability. An old misunderstanding gets resolved with a mature approach. Plans for relocation begin. a replacement home, a new job, a replacement city; everything is feasible once you put your plan into action.




Think before you speak, pause before you sign. be careful for sudden disagreements and verbal explosions. An annoying young soul may push you to a confrontation. Pressure eases off once the reality emerges. Patience and planning deliver results. Communication, promotion, advertising are highlighted within the days ahead. A family reunion may reveal a buried secret




Time to be courageous and stick with your convictions, dear Virgo. you’ll be required to defend your stand and position from all corners. If critics abound, decide who’s being truly constructive with their feedback and who’s just being mean, and follow what feels right to you. Even in relationships, make a sincere effort to clarify strive for honesty and openness. Being inflexible may cause heartache. an honest week for finalising deals, properties and purchases




You’ve come thus far . Don’t allow small things to affect you to the present degree. run through yourself to an area of calm then affect the annoyances that come your way. A testing phase begins where you’ll be expected to call upon your reserves of patience and grit. Not a time to backtrack , but to face up for what you think to be right and provides it all you’ve got. Even in relationships, you’ll not be ready to avoid conflict. Prepare to listen to the opposite person out but remain faithful yourself




Your mind is brimming with new ideas and artistic ventures. Don’t twiddling my thumbs . write everything. a replacement business idea or a product range takes up tons of mind space and for all the proper reasons. Brainstorming presents a workable direction as long because the objectives are clear. Financially, an honest period to seek out ways to form your wealth grow. a replacement partnership delivers what was promised. The family continues to point out their support, but you’ll got to give more attention to a younger soul.




You see things more clearly than ever before. People, events and situations in your life suddenly add up and with it comes a deeper understanding of yourself and your purpose on this planet. Seek closure with something from your past. A phase of accolades and achievement begins. Don’t grind to a halt on one milestone, there are more ahead. Dream about it and roll in the hay .




The best things in life aren’t things. Holding on too tight to something isn’t working. Learn to relax and accompany the flow and relook your work-life balance. an honest week for creative ideation and expression. You discover the liberty there’s in only being you. Someone seems to be unreliable and you’ll seek new collaborators or customers. plan of the box.




Just once you think it can’t worsen , it gets better. A phase involves an end and you are feeling a way of renewal within you. Your mind is sharper and you’ve learnt a couple of life lessons along the way. an honest period for future planning, building and strategizing. If you think that you’ll , you’ll achieve it. Be mindful about what proportion you’re eating or drinking. Moderation is that the key.




The pace of the times ahead may take you all of sudden . Such a lot to try to to then little time. You’re in demand, you’re getting noticed and therefore the job list seems to urge longer with each passing day. a touch time management should sort things out. Even on the private front, singles could attract quite little bit of attention. A flirtation could get serious. Better to form things clear thereupon special someone right from the beginning .

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