Praying is the biggest weapon of someone who believes in the power of the almighty. We all know that prayer does not take back the situation, but it gives us the strength to bear the loss or the pain. Having said that, prayers also have the power to make revolutionary changes in any front if they are said with a pure heart and no other emotion.

God fulfills and answers every prayer that one makes each day and each night, which is the significance of prayer, especially in the Indian culture is so mighty. Basically, praying is the manifestation of our thoughts and how they are directed rightly when we pray in front of ‘Nothing, the Invisible’. In such a case, we can define praying as mantra that helps us to come back from any wrong and restore our good times. Just like we pray to God for good marks in the exams, or for the well-being of our loved ones, we can pray to the almighty to get back ex love.

Love being the core of the every person’s happiness, it is must to restore it. This emotion is the strongest irrespective of the gender and when one feels it, he/she tends to go to any extent to get it. If it is lost, you will be surprised with the steps a person in pain takes to get lost love back. These steps may or may not be fruitful, but the power behind them is supreme and very mighty. After having tried all the major actions, we often succumb to God. The path towards God is shown to us by our Guru. Our Guru helps us to reach the podium where we come face to face with God. Similarly, after we pray to get back the love to God, we must always resort to take help from our Guru ji who will guide is systematically.

Our Guruji is a specialist in all walks of life and especially in getting the happiness back to you. If this happiness means the love of your partner, then so be it. Our Guruji will answer how to get back my love by prayer. All you need to do is to discuss your problem religiously so that you are guided correctly. Guruji will give you prayers to chant that will overnight relive you from uncertainty of getting your love back. You will suddenly see yourself happy and confident to get your love back. Your love being the only thing on your mind, our Guruji will guide you in your best interest as that is where you happiness lies.

Our Guruji has given a mantra absolutely free for all those love sick couples who wish to get their love back. You must chant this mantra for 108 times for 21 days at a fixed time of the day to get best results. These results will be permanent and your love will never leave you again. This prayer is very strong for boys and girls and you must say the prayer with total belief and faith that your question of how to get back my love by prayer gets answered by the time you are only half way through your process. Yes, in the prayer lies the strength for it to be fulfilled such that you will never feel sad again because of lost love.  Below is the prayer that will get you your love back.

|| Om Namah Bhagwate Rudray Drishti Lekhi Nahar Swah Duhai Kansasur Ji Joot Phura Mantra Ishwaro Vacha ||

This mantra gives you positivity and gets back your lost love, which is the key to your happiness. After you get your love back, be sure to thank the almighty for giving you the means to chant a prayer that could assist you in the process and above all our guruji, who gave you this prayer and the ways in which it needs to be chanted. You must seek our guruji’s help if your problem about love is more grave and needs special attention which requires specific process and extensive research about the resolution of your love issue. Please understand that you do not have to live a life full of sorrows, do get in touch with the right person and be happy.

Get Love Back