Do you want to make your ex regret about leaving you? Do you want him to feel genuinely sorry for dumping you but don’t know how it can ever happen? Well we have the best solution for you that will offer guaranteed success without any harmful effects or hassles. We all adore a life full of love, care and compassion and when that ends, it is very painful.

Break ups are heartbreaking and no matter what the reason is, it hurts a lot to separate from your boyfriend when your relationship meant everything to you. You tend to feel mad and angry at your ex boyfriend for leaving you this much sad and depressed. When loneliness grips you, all you want is to make your ex boyfriend regret that he left you. Relationships are definitely not easy and at times due to ego, trust, compatibility issues or simply because of some misunderstanding or doubts; problems arise and leads to break up. Or it may also happen that the fights increase so much that you both start finding it difficult to hold on to each other. If because of these reasons your boyfriend has dumped you or got involved with any other girl, you are bound to suffer from depression and sadness. It is very satisfying to make your boyfriend regret for playing with your feelings and leaving you desperate and desolate while he himself might be enjoying with his friends or a new girlfriend.

As it is said everything is fair in love and war therefore if your relationship didn’t end on a happy note, then you should definitely know How to make your ex boyfriend feel sorry that he dumped you which can be easily done with the use of astrology. In astrology there are several vashikaran mantras and akarshan mantras using which you can control the emotions of your boyfriend and he will come to you repenting about his acts. Using these mantras properly you can make him feel attracted towards you again and even he will feel the throbbing pain that you have been going through after the break up.

Guruji has got the best solutions which can easily make you understand on how to make your ex boyfriend feel sorry that he dumped you. He has years of experience and expertise as a result of which Guruji uses a combination of mantras and rituals depending on your janam kundli and further combine them with elaborate upayas which work tremendously to improve the situation. They can even take you out from the depression and stress of the break up so that you can lead a life full of joy and contentment without any regrets.

The mantras are very powerful and you can easily control your boyfriend even if you both are not talking to each other at all. However,it is always better to perform them under expert guidance to ensure proper use of the vashikaran mantra and correct pronunciation in order to get the desired benefits.

If your boyfriend’s feelings are dead towards you then by using the mantra you can invoke the feelings of love and attraction in him again because of which he will start missing, you and feel sorry for dumping you. He will come crying for you to get you back. The mantra is:

Om Kameshwar (name of the ex-boyfriend) aanay vashyanam kleem

This is a very powerful spell and when chanted with utmost devotion and purity of heart, mind and soul; it can do wonders to make your ex boyfriend feel as you are feeling and make him run behind you madly. Guruji also performs a set of rituals which further increase the effectiveness of this mantra and makes it easier to make your boyfriend feel sorry that he dumped you. Even if you feel that it is impossible to make your boyfriend regret about his decision of dumping you; you should remember that there is no force stronger than the almighty. The stars and celestial bodies play a significant role in determining the events of our life and with correct astrological upayas, it becomes easy to get control of other’s life as well. With the effective insights and support of Guruji you can easily achieve the desired results.

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