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Marriage Problem Solution

When two people live together and spend the entire day together, they tend to love as well as have clashed. This is common in marriages as every relationship goes through hazards of time and difference of thoughts. We may not consider small issues as fights as they are part and parcel of married life. However, […]

What is Love Mantra

Life of individual shapes up according to the love he/she has been bestowed upon with. Indeed when we observe individuals who are lost and are depressed, we often realize later that it is the lack of love that could not help them evolve. A non-supportive family is only an add on in that process.   It […]

Love Marriage Astrology

It is a natural process that when a man and woman grow up they tend to get attracted towards each other. This attraction culminates into marriage. Marriage is a life time event that is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show in all the parts of the world. Although it is said that marriage […]

How to Win Someone Back

Are you looking out to win someone back after a breakup? If this is the case then you might be facing with lot of difficulties and problems. People who suffer divorce or breakups which in turn are unfortunate incidents in life, have to make a comeback in a troubled way. There are lot of reasons […]

What to tell a guy when he breaks up with you

How it looks when your beloved suddenly becomes an ex? Things actually makes you a look that it’s the end of everything and life is nothing worth living. However, such kind of thoughts are just few pangs that can be cured in a way such that without tears you need to face the situation with […]

Vashikaran Mantra to Marry Boyfriend

Love is a strong emotion which also becomes a deciding factor of the extent of happiness we live in. This means that the extent of happiness is directly proportional to the amount of love we are blessed with in our life. This becomes intelligible only when we begin to understand the amount of effect love […]

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