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“Woman Vashikaran Mantra”Many time it happens that people we love are not attracted towards us. Especially with males, there are so many cases where the person they are drawn towards, do not reciprocate the same feeling towards them. Are you suffering from the same? Is the love of your life is not attracted towards you at all? Have you tried everything from looking attractive to sending gifts? Are you looking for some other way that will work for sure? Well, worry not! We do have a solution for you.

What Is Woman Vashikaran Mantra ?

You must have heard about the god of love- Kamdev, the firstborn of Lord Krishna and his wife, queen Padmini. Lord Kamdev is said to be the god of desire, attraction, and love who fulfills all the wishes that are necessary to love a happy life. But only worshiping him with flowers and sweets is not enough. There are several rules and methods that one has to follow to make the lord happy and grant wish.

How To Do Woman Mantra?

To attract the love of your life, you’ll need the help of vashikaran mantra. This mantra is said to help in drawing your desired female companion towards you. It is also capable on your wives if they are not interested in you. Many people got benefit of this woman vashikaran mantra, so you need not worry about the effect of it. But what you need to understand that you’ll have to use the right mantra is a sure way that it starts working. Here is one original mantra for you-

II Om Namah Kaamakshi Devi (name of woman desired)

Naari me vaasham kuru kuru swaha II

How To Use It

The mantra will put a spell on your desired lady and will make her agree to be with you and you only. Before performing this ritual, one needs to bathe early in the morning and get fresh. Face north east direction and chant these lines for 108 times with full concentration. The siddhi can be gained after 11 days, and the mantra will start working.

But one thing that people do not understand is that they shouldn’t do it without proper consultation with an expert or specialist. There are so many rules, and rituals that need to be followed and the ignorance or violation of any provision will cost just opposite of what is desired.

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Vashikaran Mantra