Mohit Garg- Perth, Australia
Posted Date : 2016-10-12
I and my girlfriend were having a happy relationship. Both of us used to spend time together and we were like two bodies and one soul. However, after the last Diwali suddenly I felt a change in her behavior. We started having constant fights with each other and one day she said she wants to have a breakup with me. I was totally aghast and dejected as it came as a shock for me. But all thanks to the panditji, my friend told me about him. He helped me get my ex back and we are now married and are going to celebrate a happy 6 months in February.

Rajiv Batra(New York, USA)

Posted Date : 2017-12-18

Me and my wife were living a happy married life with a son of 5 and a sweet daughter of 3 years. One day my wife went to her cousin’s place who happened to live in the same city. After coming back from there she started behaving very differently with me. Few days after she filed a divorce and it totally took me saddened and depressed. I tried to find out the actual issue that her cousin who is always against our marriage had conspired ills against me. But all thanks to guruji sawant who timely helped me and his remedies were so effective that not only my wife took the case back but also came back to me. Guruji also helped me with the perfect solution to the problem.

Suvarna Sharma(Delhi, India)

Posted Date : 2017-12-22

Me and my boyfriend were planning to get married. However, being from two different castes our parents were not convinced. While my mother arranged a match with her distant cousin’s son my beloved’s father was all after him to get married to his sister’s sister in law who belong to the same tradition. We were not able to get any solution on how we can convince our parents as well as get ourselves married. One of my friend who has already taken advice of guruji came to me and told that she is able to seek all the help from guruji. We also managed to meet guruji and started following all the remedies that he suggested from the core. This ensured us to make a proper process that led our parents get convinced and finally we are engaged and getting married next month.

Devraj Murthil(Fiji)
Posted Date : 2017-12-26
I live in Fiji with my family and recently had a breakup with my beloved. Post breakup I started losing all the interest with the activities that will make you happy. My beloved also got engaged and which made me all the more sad. My cousin sister told me about guruji and I went under his presence. After meeting he told me about the great Vashikaran Mantra for girlfriend which is very effective. Within few days of practice her engagement broke and she was back to me. Our parents have started meeting each other to discuss about our future alliance and marriage.

Vanitha Reddy (Calgary, Canada) 

Posted Date : 2017-12-28

I’m a South Indian and the love of my life is a North Indian. Both of us met at office and after dating for about 3 years we decided to settle down. However, coming from a conservative family my parent was not at all convinced for a love marriage. My friend who has the similar experience took me to Guru ji who gave me poojas and love spells that finally convinced my parents for marriage. Thanks for the Guru ji great support.