Are you getting depressed or facing sadness due to your partner breaking up with you? Does the thought of How can I get my lost love back haunting you badly? If yes then through practicing the below mantras you can easily get back your ex love and can make your life happy and satisfied.

Ways to get your ex back

   ||AUM MEIN (your name) VASHI MEI KARNA (husbands name) CHAHAT SWAHA.’’||

This mantra should be practiced with appropriate rituals and correct articulation to get back the lost love in your life.

DURGA SHABAR MANTRA should be kept chanting with patience to control husband.


Druga Saptashati mantra should be practiced till your success for bringing back lost love, relationship, happiness.


This   powerful spell should   be practiced under the holy guidance of the our Guru Ji who is having an expertise. With the help of our Guru Ji  you can carry out the complete process who will make you get the best of results in the short span of time. He helps you to how to get love back in a relationship by use of love spells and vashikaran.

And you will get back your lost perpetual love of your best companion, most beloved as same as God with this alluring magic spell.

One of the easiest love spell that will help you to get back your most loved one is the lemon love spell. You should take a fresh lemon, a length of red ribbon and pink paper. Now you will have to write the name of your husband along with your name on the piece of paper and fold it in such a manner that your name should be touched with your husband’s name. Cut the lemon into two halves and keep the folded paper between the pieces of the lemon and tie the red ribbon around it to hold it together. How to control husband by using mantra of lord Ganesh? After getting success put the lemon in freezer and tuck it at back so that nobody is able to see it.


Take bath and wear yellow colored clothes.

Sit facing North direction.

Place Bhagwat Druga picture in front of you.

If you want to get back your husbands love with DURGA MOHINI VASHIKARAN MANTRA, then keep your husbands photo under BHAGAWATI DURGA’S PHOTO.

Chant the mantra ‘’OM DUM DURGAYAAEI SARVAARHARSHANAAYEE DUM PHAT.’’108 times for 21 days. But this mantra should be chanted after siddhi or under the guidance of any VASHIKARAN MANTRA SPECIALIST.

LAL KITAB TOTKA OR UPAY is one of the fastest powerful process to give you back your love or a happy prosperous life of a couple. It is the Vedic tantric is popular in the field of Astrology since Ancient days.

Though you can carry out the process on your own but to get the positive results in the convenient way you can let the process be done through the help of our Guru Ji who with his great expertise can ensure to offer you reliable results.

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by Rohit Panwar- Ahmedabad on
Guranteed Results

Me and my partner had various disagreements due to her parents interfering nature and she always complained. One day a bad fight broke between us and we decided to move on. After few days when she went to her parents place I started missing her but was not able to contact her as she blocked me from all network. Then I told my friend who booked an online appointment with guruji and within few days I was able to get my beloved back in life as per the remedies suggested by panditji. You can too book an appointment and get solutions.

by Karan Thapliyal- Dehradun on
Nice Services

I’m really impressed with the services offered by Guruji as the kind of comfort and pleasure that one can feel is through the real blessings and can make you have the time best in your life. I and my wife met during our college days. As both of our castes are different we were initially facing a lot of trouble in convincing our families about our relationship. Both of our friend suggested panditji and told us how through the spells and remedy everything will be good. Thankfully it worked and we have recently got engaged.

by Raveena Gosai- Kolkata on
Very Good Results

I’m very delighted to have my beloved back in my life as he was travelling overseas for some project and slowly stopped calling me. My friends started teasing me what if he is engaged in some other affair and that’s reason not callimg me. I was very upset but slowly those doubts started coming true as once he called me and informed that he wanted to have breakup as his feelings towards me are no more the same. I was totally shocked and saddened. It is then my cousin visiting us recommended about panditji and within few weeks I could sense the change and my relationship evolved.

by Mohit Vaswani- Nagpur on
Very Reliable Spells

Very nice solutions that one can get through connecting guruji over call or skype. I was already in my last year of college and my girl friend was facing so many issues in our relationships. She wanted to have break up with me. I was not sure to leave as saw so many  dreams with life with her. But her reasons were all lame. My school friend told me about guruji and I agreed to connect and call him. He suggested some amazing spells such that I got to find a change in my beloved and today we are happily married for 3 years.

by Rohan Grewal- Chandigarh on
Great Services

I and my fiancé went to our relative's house and my fiancé felt disrespected and she decided to break the engagement as she thought that it’s my parents fault. All the cards for marriage were distributed but she was not ready to get married. I tried a lot then my friend told me about panditji. I met him personally and booked an appointment with him. He told me the astrological problems with correct remedies and soon the problem got sorted and I was able to convince my fiancé. Due to panditji I got back the love of my life and family reputation was also managed.

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