Times are such that the importance of love seems to be lost. For those who have seen the contextual love and the nurturing still believe in the power of True. However, others do not believe in it and only have a temporary attraction towards someone. With a short-lived attraction for someone, your feelings won’t be strong and hence, you are likely not to get the love.

But when you realize that your feelings are pure and you love someone deeply, it is when you want to be with the person all the time. But the road to love is not easy. Mountain of sadness falls on you when you realize that the partner may be attracted to you, but does not feel compelled to speak because of social bindings. Yes, this hurts and hurts a lot.

It is for such a situation that the Black Magic for love is a great resort. When we say black magic, we only refer to the name and feel fearful if its impact. Black magic is nothing but a catalog of mantras that are used so that you are always happy. Your happiness lies in getting the love of your life and that is what black magic works for. God is everywhere and if your intentions are pure and sacred then nothing can beat you and your feelings. Simple chanting and following your heart to get the love of your life is what we term as Black Magic.

Here are some of the Black Magic for love mantras that only require chanting that you believe in and purity of intentions that you have for the partner.

Yaa Madat yaa mujhe mile vo abhi

For the purity of the thought and the mantra, chant this mantra early in the morning at 7 a.m. After the first chant at 7 a.m. for whatever times you are comfortable, you may chant this at any other hour in the day after that. Since this does not require the use of any materials, you may chant this even while you are traveling or doing any other task. All you need to have is the purity of heart and your feelings must be everlasting and true as the results do not change.  The reason why our guruji stresses on the purity of heart for this mantra is that you cannot use it to get someone else’s love. Besides this, your feelings must be mutual to an extent as it is not possible to transform hatred into pure love and that would be an act of selfishness. Nothing that starts without solid roots lasts forever, so the purity of intentions may defy the name Black Magic, but this is the broad truth about the spells.

Black magic love spell to bind your partner with you forever is also there and emphasizes on how to capture someone’s love.

Har Kaam Pyaar Saat  Andomaner  Pura hua

Before you chant this mantra you will require to prepare for it by making two dolls from clay. Each doll represents you and your partner. All you need to do now is tie the dolls together using a red ribbon. You may make small holes using knitting needle in each doll and tie the two together. After tying them together, you need to hold the dolls facing the universe and chant the mantra mentioned above. Chanting this for 40 times, in the same way, will get you the bonding that you always wanted to exist between you and your partner. Remember to keep the dolls in your room where you sleep after the chant.

This love spell is irrevocable and hence, the significance of purity of thought and intentions are always a mandate. Spread your love and bind your lover in this essence of true and powerful emotion of love.       Remember black magic if done with a positive reason without harming anyone can surely beget positive results that can do wonders in your life.

Black Magic Specialist