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ज्योतिष शास्त्र के मुताबिक 11 अगस्त, गुरुवार को ही प्रदोषकाल के समय भद्रारहित काल में अर्थात् 20 घं.- 53मिं. के बाद रक्षा-बन्धन पर्व मनाया जा सकेगा। यहाँ इस बात का ध्यान रखना चाहिए कि प्रदोषकाल की समाप्ति से पूर्व (पहिले) ही रक्षाबन्धन कर लेना चाहिए।
(अर्थात् निशीथकाल आरम्भ होने से पहिले ।)

11 अगस्त, 2022 ई. को पंजाब, हरियाणा, हिमाचल-प्रदेश, जम्मू-कश्मीर आदि में प्रदोषकाल लगभग 19घं.-11मिं. से 21घं.-50 मिं. तक रहेगा।

11 अगस्त, गुरुवार को सभी धर्मनिष्ठ लोगों को भद्रा समाप्ति 20घं.-53मिं. बाद तथा 21घं.- 50मिं. से पहिले अर्थात् 1 घण्टे के भीतर रक्षाबन्धन कर लेना चाहिए। परन्तु अति आवश्यक परिस्थितिवश (यात्रा-भ्रमण सुविधा उपलब्ध न होने पर, फौज आदि में, ड्यूटी आदि कार्यों में आदि) परिहारस्वरूप

भद्रामुख (18घं.-20 मिं. से 20 घं.-02 मिं. तक) काल का विशेष रूप से त्यागकर

भद्रापुच्छकाल (17घं.-18 मिं. से 18घं.-20मि. तक) में भी रक्षाबन्धन करना शुभ एवं ग्राह्य होगा।

कार्येत्वावश्यके विष्टेः मुखमात्रं परित्यजेत् ।। (मुहूर्त्त – प्रकाश) इसके अतिरिक्त 11 अगस्त, गुरुवार को चन्द्रमा मकर राशिस्थ एवं भद्रा पाताललोक में होने से भी भद्रा का परिहार होगा। अतएव शास्त्रानुसार तो 11 अगस्त, गुरुवार को ही भद्रा के बाद प्रदोषकाल में (20:53 से 21:50 तक) रक्षाबन्धन मनाना चाहिए।


Our guruji is a world famous astrologer known for his great expertise that can help one to enhance their problems and can gain great solutions for the problems. There are times when a person is looking for solutions that can bring great happiness and positivity and will make sure that you are able to have the perfect response.

Famous Astrologer

With a great experience of working and helping people in various spectrums, our guruji is able to bring you great solutions. He has a great knowledge of Vedic astrology and can make sure that you are able to get back the results in a much more comfortable manner. If you are looking for the best astrologer then what you have to make sure that you are not going to get backstab of your pockets and with the help of our guruji, you are surely going to get the changing perspective and can get solutions at cost-effective rates.

The best thing to get connected with our astrologer is through the help of online consultation and can give you an amazing answer that can make you get the answers at the comfort of your home. With credible solutions what people have to take care that all the expert remedies have to be performed under the supervision of a great expert. Therefore with our world astrologer will make you get the right results in a short span of time and to ensure perfect results.

Love Specialist Astrologer

Being an ace love vashikaran specialist what a person has to look after is that you are able to enhance the reach of your relationship. With benevolent solutions, you are able to get the results and can make you have a great response.

The cost-effective measures will make you have the perfect answer which will take you to the decorum and can enhance you with the real self-empowerment that can take you towards happiness. With faster results and great mantras and yantras, one is able to get an improved amount of results that can take you to the next level in relationships and in marriage. The aim of our astrologer is to create a positive impact on the face of the people such that a person should feel that you are able to get to the core with the love of life. He will create an influence on a person’s life with a positive mindset.

Since childhood, our guruji has great potential to get over the ancestors that will help in the belongings and can make the people feel away from any kind of suffering and the efforts that are kept according to them and will be eliminated to the core. There are a lot of circumstances that everyone deals on a daily basis in life and with the help of our astrologer one is surely able to get it removed without much of worry. There are certain levels of problems that people face trouble and with the powerful mystical spells, a person is able to get great solutions.

Through completely understanding the nuances and problems that people face there are various issues that the people can easily provide the love problem solution. Whether you are suffering from an aggressive spouse or intercaste marriage problems or the love of your life is simply going away from you all you can get back to yourself is certain solutions that can help you maintain the relationships in a happy manner.

Destiny plays a very important role that will help you get back to the charm and can create happiness without any disappointments. There are many issues that a person faces in life and through the help of our specialist you are able to resolve the issue.  There are a lot of vashikaran and black magic spells through which one is able to get back to their normal self.

The Vashikaran Spells will make you utilize the solution for your problems and can even resolve the complicated problems. It will be solved and simple that can make you have the real help and can create the solutions. All kinds of problems are easily resolved through the spells and you can enjoy complete supremacy that can ensure happiness and positivity towards yourself.

Our guruji ensures to provide services that are going to easily control all your loved ones love towards you and can embark with a journey of self-reliance as well as happiness to the extent that you are surely able to gain great insights within your relationships and can make the situations quite easy and affordable.

The aggressive behavior of the people is going to hamper the relationship and can create a lot of misunderstanding among couples. The family life gets totally disturbed such that you and your husband will not be able to live a happy life. There are a lot of hassles and can create a divorce like situations and can make you and the Vashikaran specialist that will ease out the Vashikaran Mantra that can double to love among you and your partner. Our Vedic astrologer with the help of methodology will ensure to provide you with great solutions that can control your partner and you are able to get back to the love of your life.

World Famous Astrologer

If you are indeed looking out for solutions to get yourself happy and satisfied in life then you can connect with our world-famous astrologer who will ensure that you get all things that you are looking in life easily possible such that you cannot face any kind of remorse of trouble in life. The marvelous experience that is enjoyed by you in the supremacy and care of the people will make you have all the happiness in life and can make you enjoy the kind of support and balance that can ensure great charm. You can ask for happiness and ensure that the problems which you are dealing with in life are quick to get the esteemed reason.

After checking a specific horoscope and reading of the chart one is able to get the complete results so that one is able to enjoy great benefits without feeling much of difficulty in the calmness so that one is able to find the real solution that can make you have the bliss of the moment. The best results you will get are through the help of people that can take you to have great results such that you face no problems. Being specialized in different fields our Indian astrologer will give remedies that can work for a lifetime.

There are times that due to the planetary movements the people have to face a lot of difficulties to have a prospective career or to enjoy great business responses, but with a Vedic astrologer, one is able to get the astrological solutions and guidance which will help in solving the day to day problems that can make you get the reliable address which will ensure the positive solutions that can guide you a great astrological prediction and remedial measures that can bring the great answers to a variety of issues in one’s life so that the consultation can be availed that can make you enjoy greatness.

Our Astrologer specialist will help you get the timely solutions for astrology and can help in awakening in your situation that can effectively bring things in a positive manner.  There are times that can make you enjoy the fact that with the aim of spreading awareness one is able to attempt the great solutions.

The Vedic astrologer will help the people reside in the solutions to get them far away solutions and can make you enjoy the in-depth knowledge that can bring in a lot of practical experience that can make you enjoy life at a much better place. With the practical experience and great results, one is able to enjoy the great answers that can make you get the answer for the activities that can make you have the best online astrology guidance. With reliable solutions, our astrologer offers high-quality accurate results that can bring effective counseling solutions with a myriad of approaches which is strongly recommended with the help of the astrologer and can be known as the best astrologer in the world.

Through the easy access with the accuracy of predictions, a person can genuinely get the expert’s results all around the world that can disrupt the industry with the use of technology and excellent customer response that can help the astrologer to find the right kind of answers.

For mental health and a lot of solutions, one is able to cope with all kinds of problems and can enjoy the core to access the great reasons such that you will have a pair of greatness. Not only this the vashikaran services offered by the astrologer are highly reliable and can help in offering great responses to people who are able to get the esteemed results that can make you have the fun to the point that can make you enjoy the services. One has to lavish all kinds of top-notch services that are offered by our expert astrologer.

Our Vedic astrologer is not only famous in India but also in various countries and is known for the effective reactions so that one is able to have the reach to the problems without thinking much of the problems and can enjoy complete supremacy to have the reason for the faith that can provide one to grow to leaps and bounds and can have great support and cherish the love of the partner that can ensure the greatness. In India or abroad you are able to get the perfect employee such that you will be able to enhance the perfect look such that one can get the real solutions for the perfect response.

Vedic Astrology Expert

Vedic Astrology is one of the ancient forms of astrology someone who is able to get the great benefits will make sure that you get the real solution and can embark a lot of astrology principles and can help you not to compromise with the real readings. The sun-sign is the way that can take the core however the Moon sign will also make you find the fascinating responses that can only be availed through the help of Vedic Astrology and can make you have real solutions without any kind of fear and commotion and can make yourself feel the superfluous answer.

You are surely able to get detailed responses that can make you find the great support which will bring the real solutions and can bring you to the core of getting all kind of solutions which can help in getting back to your life and complete supremacy. Our guruji’s unparalleled support will ensure to have the real result and can prevent you from getting involved from things that can take you away from your relationships. Not only our astrologer specialist has the expertise to check out the Panchang and can get real guidance but also looking out to solve the commendable responses that can create under stably possible reasons that can make you get the fun of the lifetime. What one has to ensure that you are able to have the fact check so that you are going to be prevented from any fraudulent.

Being a government registered astrologer what one has to look after is the fact that you are taking the solutions from a reliable person and our expert astrologer known for his great expertise can surely make you feel comfortable and would also work in the field of helping you get back your ex or if you are looking out for a perfect result then you are surely going to get the relief that will bring the real charm.

Give yourself the calmness that can surely bring back the fact that you will be able to get the solutions for all that you are looking out from an astrologer.

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Love is an abstract feeling that makes you feel majestic every moment. When you are in love, everyone seems pleasing and amazing. Love can happen anytime, anywhere and with anyone. It is a spontaneous phenomenon. No one can control it. Love is not based on conditions. In fact, true love is no complaints, no demands relationship.   However, getting true love is not an easy thing. Nowadays, the smart life pattern has listed love in a designer theme. We are living in a fast world run by a fast generation. Love has become lavish, rather than being simple and pure. However, it feels annoying when you love someone truly, and the person leaves you for someone else. Nothing is perfect in this world. In fact, perfection is a word that itself has no perfect definition. It differs with different people’s mentality. We have to endeavor hard to make the relevant stuff (human, animal or thing, etc.) perfect according to our perspective.

At the same time, love is complicated too. There are various love related problems that we have to face generally. Humans have a nature that they easily get bored with a thing they are having for long. However, love is not a thing, it needs to be taken into consideration. With the passing time, responsibilities increases. This increased responsibility increases stress. This may make our life something boring or not as same as our expectations. And our daily hectic schedule does not allow us to spend quality time with our partner.

It is true that true love never fades and it happens with one person only, not more than that. However, an individual may attract another. We can’t take anyone for granted. Nor we can control anyone’s mind and activities. You can’t remain present with the person you solely love all the time. You can’t spy your partner all the time instructing him what to do and what not. It may become suffocation if you really do so. The one who loves you truly doesn’t need to get tied with you forcibly. This is because love is a spontaneous feeling which lets your better half control itself by its own. If the person truly loves you, you don’t need to call that person again and again. He will himself remain with you and for you. However, it does not mean that your partner won’t leave you ever. The era in which we are surviving is quite fast and competitive. We hardly get time to spend with our beloved better half to express our love, to show our respect to our lover.

Thus, it may happen that your lover gets attracted to anyone else. Or, frequent conflicts, quarrels, and fights stole the grace of your relationship. Or, someone tricked and stole your loving partner from you. Or, there are hurdles behind your love marriage with the person of your choice. Or, any such kind of love related problems that may stand erectly as the great obstacles. In this instance, don’t worry at all. This may be the activities of the celestial bodies having great impacts on our life and their activities. And consult our guruji, the best Astrologer for Love Problems.

Our guruji is an experienced personality. He has great knowledge about the movement of stars and the cosmic bodies and their effects on our life as well as the bonafide remedies to eradicate those problems out from our life. He has done years of sadhnas and siddhis. Our guruji is an enlightened person. He has the solution to all the problems. There is nothing that can’t be solved by our guruji. All you need to do is to follow the instructions and commands given by our guruji. Thus, if you are suffering from any sort of love problem, it is high time to come to the most eminent astrologer for love problems, that is, our guruji and get benefitted.


Finding a best astrologer in India is not an easy task at all. There are many individuals who claim themselves to be an expert astrologer without having that much knowledge and experience. It is true that no one can say for sure that what would in the next moment. However, the star, moon, planet and other celestial bodies have great impacts on our life. Whether you agree or not, the study of astrology gives an assumption about probable events of our life.

Our universe is brimmed with different kinds of energy. In fact, it is comprised of mass and energy and both are inter-convertible. However, astrology is a science that deals with the study of cosmic bodies and their effect on our life. Astrology is not a negative practice at all. Rather, it is a positive study and encourages you to choose the right path in life.

It is true that humans are the best creation of the Almighty God. However, leading this life with full satisfaction and perfection is a myth. Actually, perfection and satisfaction has varied definition depending upon the preferences and concepts of every individual. Nothing is perfect in this world and humans are made to live in this imperfect zone with its own perfection. Explaining simply, humans are blessed with every advanced features like intelligence, intellect, reasoning ability, emotions and so on. Yet, there are numerous hardships and struggles in human life. And we, human beings, are bound to face and more likely, win the battles of life to stand proudly as the best pieces of God.

There is no doubt that we are encircled with challenges in both the professional and the personal terms. The one who deals with these circumstances patiently and come out as a winner is the fittest. However, it is not always possible to tackle the situations. Sometimes, the magnitudes of the problems are larger. Or, sometimes, you tried your best and engaged all the essential tactics to overcome the situation, but everything gone in vain. This may hamper you and lead you to depression. It is perfectly true that the hard work of a person can even mould its destiny and your karma decides your future Yet, there arises some situation where in spite of doing excessive hard work, desired consequences can’t be gained However, this is because of the wrong position or movement of the universal bodies affecting your life negatively as well as obstructing the smooth running of your life. Whether you accept it or not, these bodies play crucial role in your life.

Humans are born with emotions and these emotions are basically responsible for any positive or negative incidents.As far as the astrology is concerned,these emotional behaviors are also determined on the basis of these celestial bodies. However, don’t feel worried, an individual can’t solve all the problems on its own. And why to ignore that the world itself is designed in a symbiosis pattern where everything is interdependent and relatable to each other. Whatever the problem is, and whenever it arises, no need to hesitate, just connect to our guruji.

Our guruji is undoubtedly the best astrologer in India. You are facing severe setbacks in your business or profession having no productive outcomes. Or, there prevails a chaotic condition in your family. Or, your enemies are harassing you unnecessarily and incessantly. Or, the compatibility and love between you and your spouse, or you and your lover, vanished with time. Or, there are regular conflicts between you and your partner. Or, your partner left you for someone else and you want him/her back or, any kind of Vashikaran activity. Or, you want to earn high name, fame and wealth. Or, you are suffering from any black magic or any such disturbing situations.

Our guruji  at How Can I Get My Ex Love Back would tell you some effective remedies that will heal your situation eradicating the same potentially from its root. He is well versed and experienced personality in astrological sector.


How it looks when your beloved suddenly becomes an ex? Things actually makes you a look that it’s the end of everything and life is nothing worth living. However, such kind of thoughts are just few pangs that can be cured in a way such that without tears you need to face the situation with bravery. There might be situations and circumstances that can be such which will affect you with the great paradise dreams.

The main problem in today’s scenario is that people don’t have any idea that what will be the impact or above all What to tell a guy when he breaks up with youas you have no idea as sometimes your ex will be in your college whom you have to face every day or it can also be a colleague in your team that you have to suffer so badly and not able to concentrate.

With the help of astrological remedies you are able to get the best solutions. If someone breaks up with you the first thing that you need to do is to make up your mind that everything is normal and all will be soon well such that you can ensure complete happiness within yourself. Tell yourself that you’re ok and to the boy who broke up with you that she is more than happy that the relationship ended as there is no point stretching the bond that has no meaning left in both of your hearts.

The time while contemplating such things won’t be an easy one all that you can do is to make sure that while you are sitting at bay what all you can do is to start spending time with friends as that will make you feel contented and happy. Breathing appears to be very comfortable with the manner that will bring the charisma.

What is observed at most of the places is that there is no respect in a relationship post the breakup. Whether it is a boy or a girl the secrets that were hidden in a relationship is often misleaded while people prefer leaving behind with giggles. Pleading people for changing the mind will never happen. If after your breakup with the boy you will get answers such that can be very depressing.

The person who has already broken up with you will not be going to believe to any kind of the pleadings or reasons to give that why he broke up with you. Another thing that you need to ensure is that the regret is nothing to be believed.

Convincing the person to stay in relationship with you will have no good impact. Sometimes you need to be controlling enough about your feelings. Our guruji is the best person to advice you with the solutions of getting the answer on What to tell a guy when he breaks up with you. There are times when you will actually not realize the real cause behind what separated both of you. Trying to convince people that will physically have the hamper of your growth will make you leave things.

Always remember that sometimes owing to the planetary movements there are times when things doesn’t go as per the plans and problems do occur. First take sometime and introspect within that what exactly is not going in your relationship that led to the downfall. Another great option which is prevalent is the feeling of lowliness that exist in the life. Our guruji will suggest you with some awesome vashikaran mantras that can bring you with the serene help.

Breakups will not happen in the way that it can make you feel as if you are not existing. Losing the dignity of your well being is another issue that you should suffer. It will be really sick to the moment that will respond to a breakup. Pretty bad is the state of mind but because you are in awe with the relationship which was serious it will take time for you to survive. Dignity is what will make you suffer is the way that life seems to be crumbling in the way that let you enjoy. Any problem we are just a call away you can let us know.

Astrology, Get Love Back

Totke for Love Back in Hindi” An epitome of care and respect is a great relationship which is full of love. Love is in fact the basis of every relationship and those who find true love are really lucky in life. When in love life revolves around nothing but the goodness of being in a relation. What your partner does and how he/she behaves is all that you think of. Even in the partner’s absence you think of his/her behavior in a particular situation. This deepens the love and your admiration.

In a way we can say that if you are aware of how your partner will think or react in a given situation shows how much you love your partner. Therefore, if you know your partner very well and wish to spend the rest of your life with him/her you must put your words into action by proposing for marriage. In case your partner refuses for some reason, and still you are sure that he/she loves you, must choose means to get your love back. There are many Totke for Love back in Hindi that are fruitful in helping you be in a committed relationship. When we say use of Totke, we mean some solutions that require additional items for prayer. The totkas are solutions from the astrological point of view and are taken from the Lal Kitab that explains why a specific solution must be opted for a certain problem.

Similarly, for getting love back, there are mantras and totkas prescribed that result in gaining the love back, and our guru ji is the best person to explain this to you. Please get in touch with our guru ji for a better understanding and a more result oriented approach. Guruji has mentioned some totke for Love back in Hindi that will unleash all the feelings of your partner who may have recently shown some disinterest towards you. When the feelings are shown, then you will be more relaxed as you will know the reason behind such a behavior from your partner.

Once the reason is known, you may now comprehend how much love exists between you two and then undertake mantras or totkas for your problems in love. Your love must be true as using the totkas and mantras unless true love prevails will be futile and you will end up with no result or negative result as there is no power as big as the power of Love. Some Totkas are below:

Take one Coconut, Dhatore seed and camphor. Powder these three things and add Honey to it. Use this as a Tilak and apply each day after bath on your forehead.

It is said that this Tilak holds a lot of power to attract your partner and if she/he has lost interest, you will see them coming back to you. Your love will always be yours after this. This applies to women and men both.

Other than this, if you believe your husband or your wife does not take much interest in you, then you must begin to eat together each day and while eating you can put a small part of your food in your spouse plate. It is said that eating the food will again kindle the love spark between you two and you will like newly married couple who agrees with another and love each other lots.

These totkas are spiritual and must be done with faith and respect for each other. Be sure to have correct intentions behind pursuing any such solution. The solutions may sound simple, but indeed is very effective especially when you carry out with complete trust. Whenever you carry out any action, vashikaran, or totke, you must keep in mind that all comes from the divine power and hence, your conscious must be clear and you must not have any poor intentions. Your happiness must be mutual between the partners and must not be at the cost of another partner or anyone else involved. Make love the fundamental of your relationship and be clear in undertaking the help from renowned Guru ji like ours. You may also reach our guru ji with for other problems, beside love issues.

Astrology, Get Love Back
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