Make Husband Listen to His Wife“, Marriage is a bond between two people which works in a favorable way if both are like minded and creates problem if the people possess a different attitude and thinking. Often women face the problem that their husbands don’t listen to them. They feel the absence of love, respect and care which they desire and deserve from their husband. Men tend to dominate their wives and don’t care about what they say and do. The burden of taking care of the marriage and compromising comes entirely on the women.

Are you experiencing similar problem? Do you want your husband to listen to you and give you the due love, care and respect that you deserve? Have you tried everything to control your husband but failed miserably everytime? You should try Islamic methods to transform your married life. If you are unhappy with your spouse, then you should perform dua to make your husband listen to you and follow your instructions. Dua is a very powerful form of prayer in which you connect with the Allah and request him to grant your wishes. It is very strong and the correct dua can never go unanswered. One of the dua  which can be used to make husband listen to his wife is :

Walam Alhad Iltaa  Sallie Usmlia din Sudham Haamund Ilkhaam. Ikhteaar Ilhaam Idun ullam utlaa dhim durram Dila. Inake Iltam Ursood Khurdeen Tisleem Bin Majood Ishtika Iftiaar Ismillam Udam Durram

This particular dua is recited for 31 times for a month to achieve the desired results. It is so powerful that you won’t fail to see the results within this one month time.

Women can also use effective, strong and powerful Wazifa to control their husband and make them listen to you in the way you want to. Our Maulanaji is an expert in performing the Islamic traditional practices which can be used to control the husband completely. You can also perform vashikaran mantra on your husband to control him and have an influence over him. Using these practices you can easily gain complete control over your spouse and make them all yours.

Marriage is not always a bed of roses. Problems, troubles and arguments can arise anytime during the course of the relationship. If you are yourself unable to tackle these situations, then you should seek assistance from our expert maulanaji. He has years of experience in performing the traditional Islamic practices and he provides guaranteed results for all the problems you might be experiencing in your life.

Another totka which can be used to make your husband listen to you is :

“Allahumma Sallie Ale Muhammad Wa Ale Aali”

This simple dua is mentioned in the holy Quran and is highly effective. It has to be recited on a Thursday for 100 times after the Durood Shareef. Follow this practice for 7 consecutive Thursdays and you will yourself notice a change in the behavior of your husband. He will start listening to you and will follow all your instructions properly.

Our Maulanaji can connect you with Allah and help you gain blessings from him directly. He will ask for your advice in all the decisions of life and will be completely under your control and influence. These prayers are 100% effective and works in a mystical way to fulfill your wishes and desires to enable you to lead a happy and successful married life.

However you should always perform these prayers under the supervision of an expert who knows the proper details of these methods so that nothing goes wrong. Dua, wazifa, tabeez etc. are all completely safe methods however if done in the wrong way, they can backfire and bring negative consequences for you. So it is best to be cautious beforehand only. The success of your marriage depends on you and with the extensively powerful Islamic prayers you can change your destiny and lead a life you desire.


Aghori Baba