When two people live together and spend the entire day together, they tend to love as well as have clashed. This is common in marriages as every relationship goes through hazards of time and difference of thoughts.

We may not consider small issues as fights as they are part and parcel of married life. However, things tend to become ugly of the man of the house treats the woman in a derogatory manner and the woman of the house does not respect the man enough. When one does something to show the other person lower in the hierarchy, that is when the problem arises. Domestic violence is one such cause of problems where the man beats his wife just to show that he is better and bigger than her.

Sometimes, women too are way too clever and disrespect the man by insulting his family and insulting him. These things take an ugly turn when the two people who were so much in love once, do not want to look at each other now. The ugliness in marriage has repercussions of the same nature where the man and woman both begin to dislike each other. These are marriage problems, where the intervention of the third party is needed.

So if you are not comfortable in sharing the problems with a family member, you may share these with our Guruji who has answers to all your problems. In fact, our Guruji can tell you whether you try in staying in the marriage is worth it or not. He can tell you if the marriage will last or not and what should you do to make it last.

If you feel like a victim in the relationship and wish to get the same love from your partner that existed when you were newly married, then our Guruji will give you mantras that will be marriage problem solution to get the love of your partner. This will not be gender specific mantras and anyone who is willing to get back into the happy zone that marriage initially promises can consult our Guruji.

Although Marriage is such a thing that you get used to the partner and never wish to depart and behave ill, but sometimes when circumstances change, small issues become big problems, you must not wait for them to turn very ugly and must take an important step towards solving them. Our Guruji also keeps everything private and does not allow anyone to know what you are going through, thus, you can be assured of opening your heart and speaking about marriage problem solution that will bring back happiness.

This problem is sometimes created by the In-laws also. The In-laws can be from both sides. The boy’s in-laws may be too interfering and do not let the girl manage her house the way her husband wants and vice Versa. Sometimes the boy’s parents feel jealous when the boy begins to listen to the wife more and ignores what his parents say, this also creates jealousy and beginning of new problems. For kind of issues and resolutions pertaining to love and marriage, our guruji is dexterous in handling them. For such problems also, our Guruji can help you and can prevent any interference of your in-laws so you and your partner can be happy.

Below is the mantra that can be chanted to get the love of your husband back. This is followed by some rituals that help in getting love back for you.

Oum Namoh bhagavate Rudraye Dristee Lekhi Nahar Shwaha Duhai Kansoor lee Joot Joot Phura mantra Ishwaye Waacha.

Through this mantra, you are only chanting God’s name and pleading him to help you towards getting the man’s love back. Similarly, for the man, our Guruji has a mantra to get the love of his wife back. Our Guruji understands this well that both man and woman are the wheels of the same cart and hence their unison results in a happy marriage.

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