Being a man is not easy at all. As we all know that because of the established stereotypes, a man is not allowed to become weak. He has to be courageous enough to handle all the situation without bursting out into tears. He has to work hard to earn the livelihood. However, the overloaded responsibilities and burdens may make him boring or he hardly gets time to interact with his spouse or lover. Also, men are not brought up expressive and emotional. It hurts when you notice that after bearing so much of stress, if your girlfriend is unable to understand you or losing feelings for you. This is because a man needs a special woman more when he is stressed or exhausted to express her feelings and share whatever he can’t do with others.

The compatibility of a couple is highly affected by the coordination of the various elements present in the horoscope where Zodiac signs perform a vital role. However, losing interest in a boyfriend depends on the Zodiac signs too and how they effect their compatibility sense. Like, suppose if

  • A girl belongs to the Zodiac sign Aries, then you are dealing with a confident and intelligent girl. If an Arian finds that the relationship is being dragged and it is being boring, she will definitely leave you as she knows she is smart enough to be caught by anyone else.
  • A Taurus woman is silent and slow who wants time for falling in love. If you want an instant love, then they are not your cup of coffee.
  • A Gemini woman is incredibly dynamic, multitasking, and has dual nature. She’s is productive and would not to spend her time unnecessary in justifying anything if you can’t understand her and would move away for a new journey.
  • A cancer woman is highly protective, emotional, loving and loyal. If you break her trust or she finds anything suspicious, she will definitely move out without even wasting a second.
  • A Leo woman is a strong personality who loves efforts and admirations. If she won’t find efforts from your side, she will gradually lose feelings for you.
  • A Virgo woman is practical, cautious and insecure by nature. And if she finds that you don’t take interest in her that much as expected, she will lose feelings for you.
  • A Libra woman is a good listener as well as a conversationalist. If she finds that you have less or no interest in communicating with her or listening her words, she would gradually lose feelings for you.
  • A Scorpio woman is complex, alluring, secretive and takes time to accept anyone. Thus, it is probable that the feeling of love may depreciate for you if you are not patient enough.
  • A Sagittarius woman will cut you out from your life if she found you obsessed or clingy as she is friendly, adventurous, curious, independent and free.
  • A Capricorn woman is busy, active, ambitious and career-oriented. She could lose feelings for you as she had bigger goals and ambitions.
  • An Aquarius woman lose interest in you if you demand or pressurised her to give more time and affection. She is independent and run from expressing emotions.
  • A Pisces woman is sensitive and can’t bear anyone hurting her and thus remains detached from others.

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