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In the world of intimidation where one feels more happy to make others intimidated by being better than others in all the aspects of life, jealousy is a very common emotion. For example, people feel happy when they can put pictures on social media reflecting a grand holiday that has just come back from. The happiness is not being back and has spent with family, its more about having content to post on social media and attract likes and comments which are mere show off.

These aspects have given rise to jealousy than happiness. You may see comments under the picture saying ‘ lovely’, it’s only the heart knows whether one means it or not.  This life of show off and feel challenging have made people stoop too low and they forge pictures and work towards things that make your life not so pleasant one.

To have a peaceful life and not getting affected by the things other people do to reduce your happiness you must opt for mantras. These mantras are blessings by God that you chant to please them and live a happy life. Vedic Astrology has its wings in every sphere as there is a mantra for dealing with all kinds of situations.

Some of the mantras are developed for love, whereas some are developed to get rid of the bad feelings others may have for. Let us take a look at three mantras through which you may end up in a life that is stress-free and non-intimidated.

  1. Aum Hrim Klim Shree Varah dantaya Bhairvaye namah

This mantra is the Most Effective Vashikaran Mantra in order to get rid of any enemies. These may be anyone who feels jealous to see you rise in life. So to rise in life without any impediments you may seek the help of this effective mantra that requires a ritual to be followed. This mantra will bring you prosperity and good luck.

To chant this mantra, you must wait for the planetary positions of the stars. You must chant it on Full moon or no moon days. Festivals like Holi and Diwali are best days to chant this. Alternatively, you may also chant them during an eclipse as it becomes effective during these days. You need to chant it 1008 times while facing the south direction.

  1. Aem Ham (name of the person you want to live and get married to) Mai Vasham

This mantra is effective when you are planning to get married to someone and certain people are jealous who act as a barrier between you and your love. In such a case you need to do or say anything to the people, you only need to chant this mantra and see the results happening soon. This Mantra requires consent from both the partners and can be used to remove blocks between the two such a location, people, caste, etc. Do not use this mantra to possess someone’s love.

This mantra needs to be chanted for about 21 times in a circle of 108. A Rudraksha mala made of 108 Rudraksha can be taken to chant a cycle of 21. You will need to do this for one week relentlessly and complete the ritual with a havan.

  1. Aum Namah Kaam Devaye. Sehkal Sehdrash Sahamseh Liye Vanhe Dhunan Janmdarshanam Utkanthit Kuru Kuru, Daksh Dakshu Dhar Kusum Vanen han han Swaha.

This mantra can be chanted if someone you love is not in good terms anymore. So if you have said numerous times sorry and hasn’t worked, chant this to make the person begin talking to you like before. This can be your love, your parents, mother in law, etc. They will no longer remain angry with you.

You need to really focus while chanting this most effective vashikaran Mantra to get best results. You can chant this for one month during mornings, afternoons and nights. Chant this in one cycle and see the results.


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